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    United Methodists of Upper New YorkLiving the Gospel. Being God's Love.

    news article

    Bishop Webb celebrates many at the Service of Blessing and Anointing

    June 1, 2018 / By Shannon Hodson / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    The Service of Blessing and Anointing was held June 1 at the 2018 Annual Conference session at Onondaga Community College’s SRC Arena.

    It was a celebration! InsideOut had the crowd singing verses from Father Let your Kingdom Come at many times throughout the service:

    “You make all things new
    You make all things new
    In places we don’t choose
    You make all things new.”

    This service was a time for Upper New York Area Resident Bishop Mark J. Webb to recognize many important people throughout the UNY Conference.

    Honoring retirees

    All retirees were recognized with their number of years of service. The total years of service to the United Methodist Church among the retirees was 884 ½ years.

    The retirees are:

    • Rev. Theodore Carl Anderson, 43 years of service
    • Pastor James E. Barnes II, 23 years of service
    • Rev. Bonita L. Bates, 27 years of service
    • Pastor Alan S. Bill, 16 years of service
    • Rev. K. Wayne Butler, 40 years of service
    • Pastor Gail Conners, 13 years of service
    • Rev. Gail Falsetti, 13 years of service
    • Pastor Mark E. Flandreau, 9 years of service
    • Rev. Carl E. Getz, 7 years of service
    • Rev. Alan G. Howe, 39 years of service
    • Rev. Bradford Hunt, 42 years of service
    • Pastor Richard C. Hurd, 23 years of service
    • Rev. Tae Kun Kim, 30 years of service
    • Pastor Jeri O. Kober, 14 years of service
    • Rev. Donald M. Langreck, 42 years of service
    • Rev. Lawrence E. Lundgren, 44 years of service
    • Rev. John W. McNeill, 36 years of service
    • Rev. Sara G. Merle, 20 years of service
    • Rev. Ray M. Noell, 21 years of service
    • Rev. Anne H. O'Connor, 32 years of service
    • Rev. Nancy S. Preston, 5 years of service
    • Pastor Kathy L. Reese, 10 years of service
    • Rev. Ann E. Robinson, 29 years of service
    • Rev. Brian T. Rotach, 39 ½ years of service
    • Rev. William S. Rowe IV, 30 years of service
    • Pastor Brian K. Scharf, 25 years of service
    • Rev. Robert O. Sherburne, 46 years of service
    • Rev. E. Allen Siebold, 49 years of service
    • Pastor J. Elyse Skiles, 11 years of service
    • Pastor Patricia L. Walz, 10 years of service
    • Rev. Lawrence J. Wiliford, 45 years of service
    • Rev. Terry Sue Wiliford, 19 years of service
    • Rev. Byron Lee Williams, 32 years of service

    Honoring Ordinands and Commissioners

    Bishop Webb also recognized those who will be ordained or commissioned on June 2.

    Those who will be commissioned to perform the duties of the Ministry of Elder are:

    • Cheryl Ann Brown
    • Raymond C. Gilman IV
    • Linda Kay Haight
    • Melissa Marie Killenberger McCarthy
    • Hector D. Rivera
    • Lisa Dawn Taylor

    And Jessica Faye Glasser will be commissioned to perform the duties of the Ministry of Deacon.

    Those who will be ordained as elders are:

    • Stephanie Jo Brown
    • Kevin Duane Slough
    • Paul D. Winkelman

    And James (Jim) Edward Barnes II will be received into Associate Membership.

    Those who will be ordained as elders as well as Jim were asked John Wesley’s historical questions, to which they all responded “yes.”

    Honoring the Cabinet

    The Upper New York Cabinet was also recognized for their service to the Upper New York Conference.

    “I don’t want you to take this group of people for granted,” Bishop Webb. “We’ll make mistakes; we’ve made mistakes, but I can promise you this, there is not a decision made by this group that is not bathed in prayer … there is a unity in this body that is strong for the sake of the Church in Upper New York. I just want you to love on them for a minute.”

    The Rev. Wayne Butler, who is retiring July 1, was especially recognized as the Rev. Bill Mudge, who will be returning to the role of pastor at the local church level starting July 1 at the Baldwinsville United Methodist Church.

    The Rev. Carlos M. Rosa-Laguer was recognized as the new Niagara Frontier District Superintendent starting July 1. The Rev. Debbie Earthrowl was recognized as the new District Superintendent for the Adirondack District starting July 1.

    The Rev. Sherri Rood was recognized as serving as Dean of the Cabinet for the past three years and final year and for serving the Cornerstone District for her eighth year.

    “Sherri always makes sure to put fun into the Cabinet’s agenda,” Bishop Webb said.

    District Superintendent of the Crossroads District the Rev. Nola Anderson will be the new Dean of the Cabinet.

    Honoring new local church appointments

    All new appointments for each district were named by their respective District’s Superintendent.

    Lucina Hallagan, Kristen Allen, and Katie Allen delivered the litany to set the new appointments.

    Blessing and anointing

    Everyone at the service was invited to be blessed and anointed with oil (if they so chose). They were asked to bring the river rock they received at Opening Worship with their call written on it. Once they were blessed and anointed, they were able to lay their stone at the foot of a cross.

    The service ended with spirit-filled singing and clapping to the song, Build your Cabinet Here.

    At the end of the Service of Blessing and Anointing, Bishop Webb shared that the Conference would continue the worshipful spirit by addressing the Nominations Report. It was accepted.

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    With more than 100,000 members, United Methodists of Upper New York comprises of more than 675 local churches and New Faith Communities in 12 districts, covering 48,000 square miles in 49 of the 62 counties in New York state. Our vision is to “live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be God’s love with our neighbors in all places."