Rose UMC featured in Reba McEntire video

By Beth DiCocco
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The members of Rose UMC are getting their 15 minutes of fame thanks to Country singer Reba McEntire.

Members of Rose UMC appear in the video for Reba McEntire's song Pray for Peace.

Members of the congregation appear in the video for McEntire's new song Pray for Peace, which was released July 21, 2014.

Rose UMC Pastor Karen Heit said people have been "blowing up my phone" since seeing the video, which features the sign in front of the church and the congregation standing together doing the Pray for Peace gesture created by McEntire.

In May, Country Weekly and McEntire's own website included a request from the singer asking fans to "videotape themselves ... praying in a place where others can see where they are in the world."

Pastor Heit's daughter Jenn Crowell is a McEntire fan; it was she and her friend Adria Brunn who suggested making the video.

So one Sunday morning, not long after Easter, most of the members in attendance made the Pray for Peace gesture while the chorus of the song (the only piece McEntire released at that point) played in the background. Crowell's husband, Tim Kisielewski, was behind the camera.

"We pretty much got it on the first take," Pastor Heit said.

In her request McEntire wrote: “I hope you’ll join me in spreading the message of peace. It’ll be fun.”

And it was fun said Pastor Heit.

"It was neat. It's only a one-second clip, but it's so cool. The Methodists are in with Reba now," she joked, adding maybe the attention will inspire people to "come to our church; we do good things."