Board of Ordained Ministry

The UNY Board of Ordained Ministry has a Policy Manual guiding matters of ordination process, clergy status, and clergy education. Find it here.

Click here to download the Board of Ordained Ministry Clergy Covenant Document.

Resources for DCOM:

KSAP Information:

Grant applications for continuing education, doctoral and seminary education and other resources are available on-line.

Forms to be filled out by candidates for ministry:

Information for those considering ordination, licensing, associate membership, or transfer:

Annual Reports for Elders on Leave of Absence or Honorable Location:

These are the denominational guidelines UNYBOOM refers to as the standards for clergy whenever questions of the following nature arise:

Alcohol Abuse/Dependence (p. 3)
Chemical Abuse/Dependence (p. 4)
Divorce or Infidelity (p. 5)
Family Violence (p. 6)
Legal (General) (p. 7)
Legal (Sex-Related Crimes) (p. 8)
Mental Illness (p. 9)
Personal Finances (p. 10)
Physical Health (p. 11)
Pornography (p. 12)
Sexual Misconduct (p. 13) 

Course of Study Applications
Effective immediately, all Course of Study Applications should be sent to:
Betsy O’Flynn
Course of Study Registrar
1100 South Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14620
585-340-9558; 585-340-9526 (fax)

Upper New York Area Board of Ordained Ministry

Key Contacts: Executive Team 2014-2015


Name Email
Co-Chairpersons Matt Stengel
Co-Chairpersons Holly Nye   
Vice Chair Alice Priset
Financial/Logistics Officer Wayne Mort
Board Secretary David Cooke
Registrar Michelle Bogue Trost
Pathways Administrator Lee Carlson
Registrar of Candidates Joe Auslander
Standards & Qualifications  Sue Russell
DCOM Coordination Michael Terrell
Status Division Chair Carmen Perry
Provisional Membership Leon Van Wie
Clergy Effectiveness Rhonda Kouterick
Recruitment & Enlistment Michael Smith
Applications for Course of Study and Background checks Betsy O'Flynn
Cabinet Representative Beckie Sweet
Order of Elders Chair Bob Kolvik-Campbell
Order of Deacons Co-Chairs Sue Russell
  Sheila Price
Fellowship of Local Pastors & Associate Members    

Board of Ordained Ministry Roster

First quadrennium of service (2012 – 2016):
Clergy: Nola Anderson, Marilyn Baissa, Lee Carlson, Eleanor Collinsworth, David Cooke, Jennifer Delahoy, Brian Fellows, David Kofahl, Bob Kolvik-Campbell, Brooke Newell, Carmen Perry, Colleen Preuninger, Sherri Rood, Jae Sundar Samuel, Jane Sautter, Tom Pullyblank, Youngjae Jee
Laity: Bill Barber, Lynn Shipe, Brian Ethington, Keith Grinnell

Second quadrennium of service (2012 – 2016):
Clergy: Joe Auslander, Yohang Chun, Jim Fenimore, Vonda Fossitt, Pamela Mikel Hayes, Rhonda Kouterick, Wayne Mort, Holly Nye, Sheila Price, Alice Priset, Sue Russell, Michael Smith, Steve Smith, Matt Stengel, Michael Terrell, Leon Van Wie, Heather Williams
Laity: Noel John, Denise Walling

Third quadrennium of service (2012-2016):
Clergy: Kristen Allen, Michelle Bogue-Trost, Karen Marshall, Lynn Spence

Cabinet Rep: Rebekah Sweet (clergy)
Staff Resource person: Christine Doran (laity), Ex-officio

Upper New York BOOM has organized to do its work in 6 Divisions with duties as follows:

Clergy Status

  • handling concerns regarding Conference Relations
  • retirement; leaves
  • exits & readmissions

Standards & Qualifications

  • oversee application and interview process and will follow-up with those seeking commissioning or ordination
  • requirements for status (checklist)
  • Registrars of Deacons & Elders

Recruitment & Enlistment

  • coordinate with cabinet for seminary visitation
  • keep in contact with seminary students
  • promote Upper New York clergy careers
  • encourage theological education
  • manage scholarships, grants and loans

DCOM Coordination

  • all matters of candidacy
  • licensing school
  • Course of Study program
  • trains candidacy mentors and clergy mentors
  • mentor for CLM/local hires, etc
  • includes Registrars of Local Pastors & Candidates

Provisional Membership

  • develop & oversee Provisional Mentors
  • continued theological education
  • manage residency program(s)

Clergy Effectiveness

In 2014, the Board of Ordained Ministry adopted a statement of Our Clergy Covenant, addressing questions of effectiveness, ethics, and collegiality in our covenant-life as United Methodist clergy. Download the document here.

  • will develop standards for clergy effectiveness
  • work with the three orders--Deacons, Elders and Fellowship of Local Pastors & Associate Members on matters pertaining to the Clergy Covenant: ethical standards
  • encourage continuing education and formation & career development
  • manage clergy care