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Within this section of the website you will find resources for local church related to Finance, Administration, and Benefits. There are also links to the Annual Conference sessions of Upper New York. The business of the Annual Conference is to resource and assist the local church to fulfill their ministry of making Disciples.  

Standard Mileage Rate for 2014

For the Upper New York Annual Conference, a rate of 56 cents per mile applies to mileage reimbursement for all Employees of the Annual Conference office, District Offices, and Camps seeking reimbursement from the Conference as their employer. Please capture this change in rate when submitting paperwork to Accounts Payable for time periods starting 1/1/2014 or later.  If you have any questions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to call the Finance office toll free at (855) 424-7878, ext. 325 for Kevin or ext. 314 for Pat.

Note:  If you receive mileage reimbursement from your church as an employee, please check with the church for the rate applicable to you. If the church pays employees the IRS mileage rate then the 56 cents per mile rate would apply.

Volunteer Expense/Mileage Reimbursement Policy and Procedure
EFFECTIVE 7/1/2013

Click here to download the Volunteer Expense/Mileage Reimbursement Form.

As adopted by a motion at the 2013 Annual Conference of Upper NY, beginning July 1, 2013, volunteers using their vehicles on Conference business may receive $0.28 per mile reimbursement rate for individuals traveling alone; $0.44 per mile for the driver when two delegates or committee members are traveling in the same vehicle; and $0.485 per mile to the driver when three or more delegates or committee members are traveling together. A new Volunteer Expense / Mileage Reimbursement form has been created for use under the new policy, click here for the form. The reimbursement form must be completed and signed by the Volunteer and the Chairperson of the team or committee.

Volunteers may choose to be reimbursed at the IRS rate of $0.14 per mile.

Reimbursement above the standard IRS $0.14 per mile rate represents taxable income to the recipient.  Volunteers must provide their Social Security number on the form to be eligible for the higher reimbursement rates.  Those receiving over $600 in taxable income in a year will receive IRS form 1099-misc at year end from the Conference.  

Reimbursement for purchases & expenses for Conference related costs may also be requested on the new form and with receipts attached.

Conference moves to new disability insurance carrier July 1, 2013

The Upper New York Annual Conference is transitioning to Guardian Insurance for its required New York State Disability Insurance (NYSDI) coverage effective July 1, 2013.

Guardian will be sending a packet of policy information to local churches this week. Click here to download the claim form. 

Walsh Duffield will continue to be the broker for all components of the Conference's comprehensive multi-peril insurance program.

Companies looking to take over the market share previously held by Zurich may contact churches in an attempt to gain their business. The Conference office, in connection with Walsh Duffield, has ensured continuing coverage for churches; it is not necessary to contract with a separate vendor for this insurance.

Some churches may still have NYSDI policies with Zurich through other brokers. As these policies are duplicative, churches should cancel them directly with those brokers.

Churches that wish to confirm inclusion in the coverage under the Conference program for NYSDI, may contact Victoria Weise of Walsh Duffield at or (716) 362-7366.

Churches with questions regarding this change, may contact Leah Robinson in the Conference treasurer’s office at by calling toll free (855) 424-7878, ext. 303.

Safe Guarding Church Assets (12/2012)

Taking More than Blessings . . .                                           

During this advent season, we wait in anticipation for the birth of Jesus. We celebrate the love of God and are blessed with time to share joy with family and friends. 

However, there are others who may be waiting in anticipation of gaining access to the larger than usual collections at your church.   Last year, several of our churches experienced thefts of and attempted thefts of their holiday collections.   As a result, the ministries to which these offerings were to be directed did not receive the benefit of our church’s generosity to the same extent.
Please be reminded that vigilance in the care and stewardship of the church’s assets needs to be as high if not higher during the holidays.  Unfortunately, those willing to steal from the church are just as likely to be someone who is part of your church community as they are to be someone who is external to your church environment. 
Often in the rush to get home after church to be with family or when our feelings of comfort and affinity with those around us increases, we relax our awareness and even skip internal control steps that are in place to safeguard the assets of the church. It is in the best interest of your church and your parishioners that those responsible for your church’s monetary assets continue to maintain high standards at all times. Some standards that should continue to be routinely followed so that your church is less vulnerable to theft include:
1.      Controlling access to areas in the church where monetary assets are located.  Minimally this might include keeping doors locked when areas are not occupied and limiting the distribution of keys.
2.      Making deposits of collections and other receipts immediately after counting. Always have the funds that have been collected physically in the care of a known person responsible for them. Never keep any amounts on site over night.
3.      Counting collections immediately after church. No amounts should be taken home with a person or left in someone’s vehicle. More than one person should be present when funds are counted.
4.      Not openly discuss the whereabouts of cash or other monetary assets held within the church. Do not have anyone but the counting team in the areas where collections are being counted. Don’t “advertise” the amount collected while the funds are still on site.
5.      Ensuring that the church building and office are secured when it is not occupied. Know who is responsible for building security at all times and work to learn from and correct any situations when security weaknesses may have left your church vulnerable. If your church prefers to leave your church building open at all times, it is even more crucial that no monetary assets be kept on site and unattended.
Having a theft overshadow the generous and loving spirit of the season is not something any church wants to experience. May you walk through the holidays in partnership with God and with loving intentional good stewardship of the monetary gifts received for ministry to all neighbors. Blessings for a safe and secure holiday season!
For additional ideas on ways to safe guard church assets, please visit the UNY website at: