1. Online profiles Website

Above is a link to the five Upper New York Annual Conference reporting forms for the Staff/Pastor-Parish Committee and for the Pastor: the Church Profile, S/PPRC Advisory form and S/PPRC-Pastor Covenant which are accessed via one login and the Pastor Profile and Pastor Advisory form which are accessed by another. The login credentials are diffierent than those used to access the Dashboard.

2. Charge Conference Forms

The 2013-2014 Church/Charge Conference forms are now available.

2011 Master Organization Motion

2011 UNYAC Budget

Evaluation of Presentation by a Lay Servant

FAQs 2011 Budget

FORM 102 - Personal Data Inventory

FORM 102 filled out by candidates for ministry

FORM 103 - Medical Report

FORM 103 filled out by candidates for ministry.

FORM 104 - Charge Conference Recommendation of Candidate

FORM 104 filled out by candidates for ministry.

FORM 105 - Application for Clergy Relationship

FORM 105 filled out by candidates for ministry.

FORM 113 - DCoM Approval of Candidate

FORM 113 filled out by DCoM fo candidates for ministry.

FORM 114 - Candidate Background Disclosure

FORM 114 filled out by candidates for ministry.

Honorable Location Annual Report

Leave of Absence Annual Report

(For those on Personal or Family Leave)

Mission Insite-registrationguide




Parsonage Standards

Safety Checklist

This check list should be utilized to evaluate risks for church facilities and activities. This list should be reviewed by custodial staff, trustees and clergy twice a year to maintain a safe environment for members, staff and visitors and help reduce insurance costs.

Statement of Rights Zurich

Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement Form

Worker Compensation Employer Form C2

Youth of Color Scholarship Request PDF

Youth of Color Scholarship Request Word

Zurich DBL Claim Form

Zurich New York State Disability Benefits (DBL) Procedures (RTF)