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    The Upper New York Conference of The United Methodist Church


    2017 Retirees

    Ccongratulations to the 2017 Clergy Retirees!

    Click here to view the video messages recorded by our Retirees.

    John A. Aukema

    Years of Service: 20

    Jon L. Austin

    Years of Service: 14

    Dale E. Austin

    Years of Service: 40

    Katharine M. Benton

    Years of Service: 18

    Ann S. Blair

    Years of Service: 30
    Click here to view Ann's video.

    R. Carol Coltrain

    Years of Service: 36

    Gregory L. Crispell

    Years of Service: 38
    Click here to view Greg's video.

    Steve T. Deckard

    Years of Service: 47
    Click here to view Steve's video.

    Carol J. Dill

    Photo submitted by Carol Dill.Years of Service: 6

    "They say time flies when you are having fun.  But I’ m saying that time flies when you serve our Lord.  Serving God has opened my heart and mind to the people around me and I know there is still a need to continue spreading the Good News.

    I have been honored and privileged to be appointed to 3 churches during my time as Certified Lay Minister and now as a Licensed Local Pastor.  Even though a certain age has been reached I pray on will be able to serve God in my current capacity.  He will let me know when I will retire."

    Daniel J. Finch

    Years of Service: 40
    Click here to view Daniel's video.

    James E. Fletcher

    Years of Service: 36
    Click here to view Jim's video.

    George W. Gallandorm

    Years of Service: 23
    Click here to view George's video.

    Janet L. Gleason

    Years of Service: 23

    Edward A. Hackett, Jr.

    Years of Service: 35
    Click here to view Ed's video.

    Natalie A. Hanson

    Years of Service: 40
    Click here to view Natalie's video.

    Charles E. Hayes

    Years of Service: 31

    Richard B. Heitzenrater

    Years of Service: 16

    Frances K. Hemstreet

    Years of Service: 37
    Click here to view Fran's video.

    Douglas E. Hess

    Years of Service: 11
    Click here to view Doug's video.

    David W. Hotchkiss

    Years of Service: 40
    Click here to view David's video.

    Thanna Howell

    Years of Service: 6
    Click here to view Thanna's video.

    John Jackson

    Photo submitted by John JacksonYears of Service: 6

    "There is no experience that compares with being given the opportunity by God to perform an assigned job on His behalf.  Each of us has such opportunities, if we make ourselves available for them.  Shortly after retiring from full time employment 11 years ago, I was called to licensed ministry.  All aspects of this process (with the exception of administrative glitches during my candidacy) have proven exceptionally gratifying.  God has enabled me to provide a variety of pastoral services to a number of people.  I am thankful to God, my wife, my colleagues, and friends for the support they provided me.  I am especially grateful to the members of the North Harmony congregation, some of the finest people I have ever known, for an exceedingly rewarding experience."

    Alan J. Jones

    Years of Service: 38
    Click here to view Alan's video.

    Alan D. Kinney

    Years of Service: 39
    Click here to view Alan's video.

    Cynthia Beth Klopfer McCune

    Years of Service: 35
    Click here to view Cindy's video.

    Joyru A. Leet

    Years of Service: 28

    Maggie Martin McCarey

    Years of Service: 30

    Pamela Mikel Hayes

    Years of Service: 13
    Click here to view Pam's video.

    Robert A. Mitchell

    Years of Service: 36

    Stuart J. Mitchell, III

    Photo submitted by Stuart MitchellYears of Service: 50

    "To me, the connection with the group of churches in Cayuga County creating an outreach ministry to farmworkers, my appointment to that work led to my becoming a founder of what is now PathStone Corporation where I've worked for the last 50 years, the United Methodist Church can be very proud of the fact that their ministry to farmworkers created an organization that has continued to serve farmworkers and other disadvantaged families. In other words lift up the vision of the five small rural United Methodist churches that yoked together to provide much-needed ministry to the poor people working in those communities served by the churches."

    Camillus J. Mourice

    Years of Service: 27
    Click here to view Camillus's video.

    Richard W. Neal

    Years of Service: 33

    Deborah O'Connor-Slater

    Years of Service: 36
    Click here to view Deborah's video.

    Rebecca B. Parry

    Years of Service: 18
    Click here to view Rebecca's video.

    Debra L. Peacock

    Photo Submitted by Debra Peacock.Years of Service: 19

    "Known as Rev. Deb by young and old; in the various churches that I have been privileged to serve. I came to the ministry as a second or was it a third career – nursing being my first love and then realizing that there was more than the medical component to the person.   There was also the ‘soul’ that needed attending.   I served in the former Troy Conference before coming to the Upper New York Annual Conference.  I began my ministry at Porter Corners UMC, moved to Warrensburg UMC and Bolton Landing UMC after licensing, then on to Malta Ridge UMC and most recently Argyle UMC. While out on medical leave I received the blessing of a revitalization of my ministry after experiencing tremendous physical challenges.  The movement of God’s Spirit is being experienced anew by myself and the disciples in Argyle. I leave you with these words: “For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13"

    Bernard W. Possee

    Years of Service: 12

    Geraldine Rapino

    Years of Service: 7

    Martha G. Robinson

    Years of Service: 8

    Dorothea E. Schweitzer

    Years of Service: 22
    Click here to view Dorothea's video.

    Leon I. VanWie

    Years of Service: 44
    Click here to view Leon's video.

    Susan T. Walters

    Years of Service: 33
    Click here to view Susan's video.

    Frederica M. Webb

    Years of Service: 10

    With more than 168,000 members, the Upper New York Annual (Regional) Conference of The United Methodist Church comprises 867 local churches and 65 new faith communities in 12 districts, covering 48,000 square miles in 49 of the 62 counties in New York state. Our mission is to “live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be God’s love with our neighbors in all places."